Never Compromising on Quality

We have large propeller shops located in Auckland and Hamilton, allowing us to effectively service operators throughout New Zealand as well as overseas.

With each shop equipped with dynamic balance equipment and our Hamilton branch offering cold rolling, shot peening and eddy current inspection services, we provide comprehensive overhaul and calendar inspection services on all leading fixed, variable/controllable pitch and feathering propellers. Our clients also have the choice of completing an overhaul with a painted finish to meet requirements.

Each and every propeller that comes through our shops leave in a condition that meets both our high standard of quality. Our processes allow us to meet quick turnaround times needed to get back in the air with the least time on the ground while never compromising on quality or safety.

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For more information on the services we offer, please get in contact with one of our team.

David Rye

David Rye

Propellers Overhaul Manager

Based in Hamilton

+64 7 843 3199 ext 7826

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Comprehensive Overhaul

Our propeller overhaul service is thorough. It includes a visual inspection, cleaning, measurement of the blade and life components in accordance with the manufacturers’ manual followed by non-destructive testing and reassembly. Dynamic balancing is also available.

Full Capabilities

Non-Destructive Testing

Our in-house NDT facilities allows the testing of defects that would otherwise go unseen by the naked eye. Our overhaul service includes both a Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI). Both necessary in ensuring propellers are fit to fly.

Nationwide Service

With three propeller shops in located in Auckland, Hamilton and Dunedin, our team can also assist in arranging shipping for overhaul equipment to and from any New Zealand location.

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Servicing Leading Brands

We offer repair and overhaul on all fixed, variable/controllable pitch and feathering propellers for leading brands such as Hartzell Propellers, McCauley and Hamilton Standard.

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