Piston Engines

Specialists In Premium & Custom Engine Overhauls

Never compromising on safety, our engine shops are the only NZCAA and EASA approved facilities in New Zealand. Specialists in engine overhauls, we offer complete rebuilds including all engine component overhauls and repairs. Our team are experts with years of experience overhauling all major engine brands and models.

Over the past years, we have been rebuilding engines at premium standard as Sapphire™ specification. Our Sapphire™ Premium Rebuilt Engines come with a security of a comprehensive warranty package which means the engines are rebuilt to factory-new limits, with new OEM parts including camshaft and tappets along with new cylinder kits.

Continental Diesel Service and Installation Centre

We are also proud to be Australasia’s sole Continental Diesel Service and Installation Centre. Being the Aero-Diesel specialists, we have years of experience working with Aero-Diesel technology and can assist customers with all their Aero-Diesel requirements, including the retrofit of the CD-155 engine into all EASA and CAA STC approved aircraft types and models.

Piston Engine Brochure

Piston Engines

Our engines are sold exchange under our Sapphire brand and come with 1000hr or 2 year warranty.

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Larry Jooste

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